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Portrait R., sculpture by Simona Ragazzi.


The art section of Paese dei Balocchi includes the works and creations made with the highest skills of our artists.

The art of sculpture, ceramics and painting coexist within the laboratory, blending with skill and experience.
Sculptures, busts, bas-reliefs, paintings and art ceramics are made by our artists to respond to the most extraordinary clients’ special requests.

You can choose an artist's work or request a commissioned work tailored for you. >> click here

Artistic crafts, Raku bowls.

Crafting and Graphics

This section is dedicated to the handicraft production of objects as a unique piece, limited edition or small series and to graphic projects.

Paese dei Balocchi mainly works on a commission basis for individuals, shops and companies, turning the client’s ideas into reality. The art lab realizes plates, gadgets, furnishing accessories, design objects, paintings, drawings, graphic works, repairs of ceramic objects and much more, using different techniques and materials.

The showroom, inside the atelier, is always full of new exclusive gift ideas and home furnishings that you can purchase directly. >> click here

Stages and Classes at Paese dei Balocchi.

Stages and Classes

In this section you can find the Courses and Internships of Paese dei Balocchi.

Since 1993 the art lab has been held courses, internships and workshops for all levels of ceramics, sculpture, painting and more. The courses are active throughout the year to enhance the ability to “make art” and give birth to all the expressive potential that is often hidden in each of us.

Click here to see our program of courses and internships.




THROWING DAY A special day in which everyone can approach the world of throwing shaping. An individual lesson by reservation. INFO AND COSTS

Workshop of Bubble Glaze

Intensive courses for tourists for individuals or groups of up to 10 people. Contact us by email for a personalized quote.

Our opening hours

We advise you to come by appointment: contact us by email or call us at 0516346848. We are open from Monday to Friday from 13.30 to 20. In the morning by appointment only.