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Crafting and Graphics

Paese dei Balocchi mainly works on a commission basis for individuals, shops and companies, turning the client’s ideas into reality and creating unique masterpieces or small series in ceramic, terracotta, plaster, bronze and resins.

In its 300 mq workshop, Paese dei Balocchi realizes models for serial reproduction, furnishing accessories, ceramic plaques and house numbers, design objects, company gadgets, bas-reliefs, bonbonnières and more, using different techniques and materials. With the same philosophy, drawings, watercolors and paintings can be made on any type of support, such as paper, canvas, wood, wall and others.

In the showroom, inside the atelier, you can directly purchase artistic objects, ceramic jewels and art ceramics proposed and entirely made by the artists of the laboratory. They will be perfect for your home or for the most precious and special gifts.

Come and visit us to discover this magical world of creativity!

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Plaques and house numbers

In the art lab we produce ceramic and terracotta plaques and house numbers in various sizes and shapes. Our creations are strictly hand-painted following both traditional and contemporary ceramic techniques. We can also produce custom-made signs, decorative panels and ceramic azulejos tailored to satisfy the most unusual and exclusive requests. >> click here

DESIGN objects

In the showroom, inside the atelier, you can find design objects proposed and entirely made by our artists. Otherwise, you can rely on their mastery to design and create objects proposed by you or your customers.

We also specialize in the production of models and molds for the reproduction in series of furnishing accessories or objects in ceramics, terracotta, bronze or resins. >> click here


The expressive possibilities of this wonderful material are endless.

Embracing this philosophy, we produce artistic ceramics with personalized, contemporary or traditional decorations. In our showroom you can choose and directly purchase unique pieces in raku, majolica or other ceramics conceived and proposed by the atelier and made by the artists according to their aesthetic sensibility.

The art lab is able to satisfy the most particular requests. As in the ancient craft shops, our works are handmade to make each creation unique and precious. >> click here

Decorative bas-reliefs

The artists of Paese dei Balocchi can model in bas-relief any subject or scene requested by the customer, creating for you: portraits, views, terracotta coats of arms, even enamelled or glazed.

It’s possible to create models for short runs, even customized, for the creation of favors, company gadgets, prizes and anniversaries.

In the showroom, inside the atelier, you can buy terracotta bas-reliefs representing views of Bologna, sacred subjects and much more.

Our sculptors are able to create bas-reliefs also in marble, stone and bronze. >> click here

Paintings and watercolors

We also create and tailor paintings, decorations, caricatures and drawings, even in short runs.

Our production is completely handmade using various techniques such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencils, crayons, charcoal or guache to make our creations even more precious and exclusive.

The paintings and drawings can be made on any type of support: paper, canvas, wood, wall and so on. >> click here


"Memory is the fabric of identity."

Nelson Mandela

Paese dei Balocchi is also involved in aesthetic and conservative repairs and reconstructions of ceramics, porcelains, terracotta, wood, resin and much more. >> click here

Graphics and social media communication

Paese dei Balocchi has always been involved with graphics designing or updating company logos and studying customized marketing campaigns combining a wide range of products such as: business cards, brochures, flyers, websites, slides, newsletters, videos, files and images for promotion via web and on social media.

A field in continuous evolution that never stops stimulating our creativity! >> click here



Our opening hours

We advise you to come by appointment: contact us by email or call us at 0516346848. We are open from Monday to Friday from 13.30 to 20.00 In the morning by appointment only.