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“He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

Saint Francis of Assisi

At Paese dei Balocchi you can really make your dreams come true, whether you have the desire to enrich your home with a special object or you want give shape to a specific idea.

The artists of the art lab express themselves in total autonomy, respecting their language while working on commission.

Thanks to their professionalism and experience, they can suggest you how to exploit at its best your specific request, in terms of composition, color, materials and techniques.

You can commission sculptures, bas-reliefs or paintings of any subject: portraits, landscapes, forgeries, animals, etc. All the techniques can be combined with the different arts in the desired dimensions.

Indeed, if you want a sculpture, it can be performed live or from photographs and made of natural, polychrome or ceramic terracotta, plaster, bronze or synthetic resins. The style, based on your taste or future location, may be classic or characterized.

In the same way, if you commission a painting, it can be made with a custom style, with oil, acrylic, watercolor or mixed media, or drawn with pencils and much more.

Scroll down the page to see our portfolio divided into categories:



Sculpture and sculptural modeling are the strengths of Paese dei Balocchi. The artists of out atelier realize unique works following their personal figurative artistic research.

Paese dei Balocchi also works on client’s commission in various materials such as terracotta, bronze, marble, plaster, resins and synthetic materials. >> click here

Sculptural portraits

Everything that surrounds our life speaks of us, of the people we love, of our passions and our taste.

So, why not afford the luxury of commissioning a sculpture, maybe a portrait, a unique work that tells something important about your life?

Our atelier specializes in sculptural busts and portraits, with the ability to achieve them in different styles and sizes to better represent the subject. >> click here

Collaborations with artists

The atelier is also a place of exchange and cultural encounter, an art lab that offers its professionalism for collaborations with Italian and foreign artists. >> click here

Painted portraits

The artists of Paese dei Balocchi make custom portraits on commission, starting from one of your beautiful photos.

The interpretation and artistic sensibility of our painters will fix your most special memories forever.

In the art lab we create portraits, paintings or drawings, using different techniques, styles and sizes to better represent the subject.

We also perform animal portraits made from your photos. The best way to love your puppy forever. >> click here

Designer jewelry

Jewelry sculptures, small works of art for women and men who love to wear something truly original and distinctive.

In the shop inside the atelier you can choose unique rings and pendants that most represent and enhance you. Each creation, precious and original, is entirely handmade in ceramic, always accompanied by a guarantee of quality and elegantly packaged.

A special gift for you and those you love. >> click here

Art copies

Each of us loves to surround himself with the things he loves.

How many works of art in books and museums would you like to see in everyday life, perhaps in the privacy of your home or office?

The artists of Paese dei Balocchi can satisfy your every desire, creating author copies and faithful reproductions of any painting or sculptural work. >> click here



Cane e Gatto in ceramica. Corso Bologna Paese dei Balocchi.


Using the slab technique you will learn how to create cute clay animals. A 2.5 hour lesson suitable for all levels.


THROWING DAY A special day (for the date see the Italian version) in which everyone can approach the world of throwing shaping. An individual lesson by reservation. INFO AND COSTS

Our opening hours

We advise you to come by appointment: contact us by email or call us at 0516346848. We are open from Monday to Friday from 13.30 to 20.00 In the morning by appointment only.