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Simona Ragazzi was born in Bologna, where she also grew up in her artistic career. She obtained the certificate in Painting at the School of Art and she graduated with honors in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

After a long training at art laboratories, graphic studies and Erasmus at the Fine Art University UWE of Bristol, in 1993 Simona founded “Paese dei Balocchi”: an art and crafts workshop where she was able to cultivate with creativity the ancient passion of “working the land” with her hands. At the Atelier, she teaches plastic, ceramic and pictorial techniques. Simona collaborates with Italian and foreign artists.
Her artistic research is stimulated by human beings, by their souls, mind and forms. Simona is attracted, above all, by the faces, which become portraits and reveal the essence, or by the looks of a single face: mysterious presences, silent messengers.

Simona mainly works with sculptures in clay and bronze, to which she combines her personal photographic research. Her figurative language is clear, immediate, strong and symbolic. The sculptures “Appunti”, “Archelogici”, “Oltrenatura”, and the photographic works “Crisalidi”, “Cattedrali”, “Viaggio” and “Boschi” are the themes developed by the artist that analyze the contemporary. These works immortalize emotions, tell stories, reveal intentions, denounce contradiction and weaknesses. Ragazzi’s works reveal a high conceptual and communicative profile, which intertwine the dimensions of time and space with sensitivity and irony.

Simona works with art galleries in Bergamo, Bologna, Cagliari, Milano and Siena. She has exhibited in numerous public and private venues and she has participated in national and international fairs and art competition. Her works are exhibited in public and private collections all over the world.

Simona Ragazzi lives and works in Bologna.






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