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On the occasion of the fiftieth edition of Arte Fiera Bologna 2024, the most awaited contemporary art event in Italy, from 29th January to 1st March 2024 the PdB Gallery Contemporary Art will host the exhibition "99 LOVE BRICKS - WORK IN PROGRESS - RICOSTRUIRE" by Simona Ragazzi, edited by Roberta Angelini.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 27 January at 5pm, with a new site-specific installation of the artist's artistic project at center stage: 99 LOVE BRICKS.

In a period in which the world seems to have taken many paths towards destruction, talking about reconstruction seems out of date; but for this very reason it is even more important to approach thinking.
And the artist Simona Ragazzi does it with her 99 LOVE BRICKS in terracotta, created one by one.

What are these Bricks, what do they do and what are they for?

The project to build 99 LOVE BRICKS was born from the artist's need to investigate the values that leave a mark, the emotions that move man, the meaning of life.
This attempt at analysis by the artist, which lasted more than two years, occurred by requiring hundreds of people of all ages to interact on the individual clay works, who were able to leave a significant contribution on them and which the artist subsequently he further reworked and transformed.
Works with a solid and modular shape that distinguish the building brick, with the common peculiarity of what is represented on one side, a kiss, subsequently became unique, thanks to this shared gesture and the creativity of the artist and enjoy their own life in their peculiarity.

Each Brick has thus become a small treasure chest of thoughts, words, dreams, desires and hopes carved into the earth, which will travel through time.
These terracotta "messengers" will be set up in the gallery spaces, evoking a construction site in progress.

The intent is to reconstruct a logic of priorities that push us to give meaning to the small and large things of our existence.
Create with love, share, leave the mark of your passage, build something of value that is important to leave to those who come after us.

It is on this that the artist wants us to reflect through the 99 LOVE BRICKS.

In numerology, 99 and its repetition encourage the individual to follow their heart and passions, they want to encourage them to be an example for others, to recognize their value and to live life in a positive and constructive way.

Vast and ambitious themes that Ragazzi tackles, seamlessly involving herself and the observer. Unstable themes, which open up possibilities and which are "work in progress" every day in the construction site of the mind of every single human being.

Roberta Angelini

The exhibition is included in the events program of ART CITY Bologna 2024 and can be visited in the spaces of the PdB Gallery Contemporary Art in Bologna, in Via Zanardi 78/b.

From 29th January to 1st March 2024 from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm, with extraordinary opening on Saturday 3rd February from 4pm to 11pm and Sunday 4th February from 3pm to 7pm, on the occasion of Arte Fiera Bologna.


THE ARTIST: Simona Ragazzi was born in 1969 in Bologna, the city in which she trained artistically. She obtained the High School Diploma in Painting at ISAB and subsequently the one in Sculpture, with honors, at the Academy of Fine Arts.
She is an eclectic artist, she works mainly with sculpture to which she harmoniously combines graphic, pictorial, photographic and installation works.
Her works are present in public and private collections around the world and she collaborates permanently with Italian galleries.
Simona Ragazzi lives and works in Bologna.


THE CURATOR: Roberta Angelini, expert and professional in the world of Contemporary Ceramics for 25 years, since 2023 she has been Art Director of the PdB Gallery Contemporary Art in Bologna.


THE GALLERY: PdB Gallery - Contemporary Art is a container that since 2023, through its collections and various laboratory and cultural activities, explores and disseminates art in all its languages, with particular attention to Contemporary Ceramics.
The tunnel is created from an ancient stable from the end of the 19th century in a village that was once used as a warehouse for goods arriving from the Navile river and the nearby Bologna railway.
A new art space for art in Bologna




BY: Simona Ragazzi
EDITED BY: Roberta Angelini
OPENING: Saturday 27th January 2024 at 5pm
WHEN: from 29th January to 1st March 2024
WHERE: PdB Gallery - Contemporary Art, Via Zanardi 78/b - 40131 - Bologna (internal courtyard)

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm
Saturday 3rd February: from 4pm to 11pm
Sunday 4th February: from 3pm to 7pm

MAIL: info@pdbgallery.it
TEL: +39 051 6346848 - cell. 349 2207501
SITE: www.pdbgallery.it
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SIMONA RAGAZZI exhibition curated by Roberta Angelini included in the ART CITY circuit reported on the occasion of Arte Fiera Bologna 2024.
PdB Gallery Contemporary Art - Bologna
Opening 29/01/24 - 01/03/2024

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