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About us

Paese dei Balocchi Atelier is an art workshop based in Bologna, founded in 1993 by the artist Simona Ragazzi. In this place out of time, the art of painting, sculpture and ceramics coexist and blend with skill and mastery to satisfy the most extraordinary clients’ special requests.

Today, Simona Ragazzi and Roberta Angelini are the creative heart of the Atelier. Their work ranges from the creation of unique masterpieces and small series of objects to the design of furnishing and home decor items. The art lab mainly works on a commission basis, turning the client’s ideas into reality and creating paintings, artistic ceramics, furnishing accessories, ceramic plaques and house numbers, bas reliefs, sculptures, statues, portraits and busts using different techniques and materials. Inside Paese dei Balocchi there is also a shop full of exclusive furniture solutions and gift ideas.

Paese dei Balocchi is also a school. In the art lab have been held courses at all levels for 25 years (even personalized): ceramics, painting, sculpture, raku, naked, “terre sigillate”, lathe, cuerda seca. All courses enhance the ability to “make art” and give birth to all the expressive potential that is often hidden in each of us.

At Paese dei Balocchi you can really make your dreams come true, whether you have the desire to enrich your home with a special object or you want give shape to a specific idea.


Roberta Angelini

Roberta is a creative essential person in the Atelier Paese dei Balocchi for more than 24 years. Since 1998 Roberta has been repeatedly invited to show her works in public and private exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. --> for more information…


Funny, three kilos of soft fur, 2017 class. She’s specialized in receiving customers and students, so fluffy!

Simona Ragazzi

Simona has been modeling, painting and making pottery with passion since 1993, when she founded the Atelier Paese dei Balocchi. Her works are exhibited in public and private collections all over the world. --> for more information…




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